Hummingbirds are eye-catching, mesmerizing creatures that deserve the best care. As a bird lover, you will need to pay attention to their environment and more importantly, how to feed them. Choosing the right hummingbird feeder for the task is essential, and a few tips will come in useful. If glass hummingbird feeders suit your fancy, you may be interested in a few recommendations.

Best 10 Glass Hummingbird Feeders

How to Choose a Hummingbird Feeder

Choosing a glass hummingbird feeder is not a tough task, but does involve some thought. Consider these characteristics when picking one out.

1. Material

You can choose from plastic, glass or metal feeders. Plastic feeders are resilient, but may discolor over time. They may warp as well. Glass feeders may break more easily than plastic ones, but they are attractive. They will catch hummingbirds’ eyes and draw them to feed.

2. Color

Color will entice a bird to feed. Hummingbirds love red, and most glass feeders will have hints of this color. Yellow accents also work well, as they will attract insects, an important food source.

3. Capacity

Of course, you should think about how much nectar a feeder can hold. If you only have a few hummingbirds in your backyard, you may want to choose a smaller feeder so as not to waste nectar.

4. Feeding Ports

And then, ponder over the number of feeding ports a feeder has. Small feeders may have only one port, while larger ones may have six or more. If you have more hummingbirds rushing for nectar, you will need a feeder with more ports.

5. Perches

The feeder you choose should come with poles. Though they are not necessary, they will allow your pets to feed more easily. They will be able to remain at the feeder for a longer time.

6. Mounts

Mull over how you want to mount your feeder. You may want to hang it from a tree if you have a backyard. Alternatively, you may attach it to a window using suction cups.

7. Cleaning

Of course, you should install a feeder that is not a problem to clean. Choosing an easy-to-clean feeder will take some hassle out of maintenance.

8. Insect Guards

AInts and bees are a boon for birds, but too many of them are a nuisance. If they are a problem, choose feeders with bug guards.

9. Affordability

Some feeders cost as low as $5, while others may cost $20 or more. Choose a feeder that is right for your budget.

10. Appearance

Most feeders come in attractive designs. Manufacturers rely on accents like cracked or tinted glass. Choose a design that catches your eye, and bear in mind that stylish patterns are more attractive to birds.

10 Glass Hummingbird Feeders that will Please Your Pets

With so many well-designed glass feeders available, making a sensible choice is tough. A few suggestions may point you in the right direction.

1. Blown Glass Feeder with Perch

This attractive glass feeder will enchant hummingbirds immediately. In captivating floral patterns, it will become the focal point of your garden. Four perches provide ease of feeding. Home Best has fashioned this standout feeder with handblown glass. Filling it up and cleaning it is not an issue. Bird enthusiasts who have bought it find it lovely and functional.

2. Perky-Pet Antique Glass Feeder

This feeder is not the most fashionable but does have a host of useful features. It can hold up to 16 ounces of nectar and is in ruby red, a color that calls out to hummingbirds. A metal hanger allows you to hang it anywhere. It has four ports that make it a breeze for hummingbirds to feed. Its red flowers and pewter look captivate customers.

3. Perky-Pet Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder

This spell-binding feeder attends to many birds at once. This jar’s antique, Mason glass style lets owners pour in more nectar; it can contain up to 32 oz of it. Further, it has five feeding ports, which allow more birds to feed. An all-metal base keeps it secure. Customers laud it for its durability and high quality.

4. Perky-Pet Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This svelte feeder, with a pinched waist, catches the eye. In bright red, it will call hummingbirds to it quickly. It has an eight-ounce nectar capacity, so it is suitable for backyards with fewer hummingbirds visiting. A big draw of this feeder is its built-in guards, which keep ants away. Customers comment that it stands sturdily and has a wide bottle opening, factors which make feeding less tedious.

5. More Birds Humming Bird Vintage Feeder

This glass feeder creates an aura of elegance. It has perches that will draw hummingbirds at once. This tool is not a hassle to clean; you can place it in your dishwasher and wash its metal parts with soap. Customers admire how stable it is.

6. Perky Pet Daisy Vase Hummingbird Feeder

This elegant feeder can hold up to 24 ounces of nectar. Vase-shaped, it pleases the eye. Its red color will draw birds in flocks. It has four flower shaped ports for easy feeding. Bird lovers recommend it for its traditional appeal.

7. Audobon Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This bright red glass feeder by Audubon holds 18oz of nectar, so it is suitable for apartments where fewer hummingbirds visit. A unique, floral base is an instant draw for both you and the birds you feed. Dangle it from your window with a 5-inch hook. What pleases reviewers is that it does not leak.

8. Birdscapes 24-Ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder

If you love the look of flower pots, this ruby-red feeder is for you. Its vibrant crimson hue will attract hummingbirds almost immediately. With three ports and 24 oz capacity, it will keep many hummingbirds happy. Buyers remark that it is a constant draw for birds.

9. Perky Pet Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This durable, dome-shaped feeder, in bright red, is a hummingbird magnet. Two bee-resistant poles keep insects away. Clear glass makes it easy for you to check on the nectar in it. Reviewers mention that it is safe for the hummingbirds that drop by her garden, and is easy to clean.

10. More Birds Big Gulp Hummingbird Feeder

Use this feeder if you have many hummingbirds gracing your garden. It has a large, 40 oz capacity and an attractive red base. They are a pull for you and hummingbirds. Customers love it for being easy to clean and delivering nectar smoothly.

If you seek glass feeders, there is no end of choices. Order one of these feeders today, and you will soon hear the soft whirs of hummingbirds in your lawn.